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 Paul Romanick - The "Oranginator"

Working with Paul (The Inventor/Founder of CitruSolution) has been a blessing.  He is supportive, helpful and very, very knowledgeable about carpet cleaning. Paul has set this opportunity up so it makes us the only "no-strings-attached" carpet cleaners in the country. (No "bait-n-switch")  Thus, making it very easy to conduct business.  I cannot tell you how nice it is to operate this way and how much our customers appreciate the quality work we do, at a very competitive price, adding all the "extras" that we offer and again...our "no strings attached" policy. Please look at our Testimonials page and read what others have to say about the "CitruSolution" experience. Thank you for stopping by.  Hope to see you soon! If there isn't a CitruSolution in your area, check the locations page by clicking here to find the CitruSolution Carpet Cleaner nearest to you.  If we don't service your area, this is the perfect opportunity for you to become "The Best, Most Profitable Carpet Cleaner" in your area by becoming a CitruSolution Franchisee.  Call me today at 770.781.9584 or shoot me an email.  Locations are going fast and you wouldn't want to lose out on running your home town area.  Call today to get your piece of the Orange!  



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